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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Starting a business takes time and a lot of planning. Having the proper tools and knowledge can determine how successful you, your team, and your business will be. 

I started my entrepreneur journey with a blindfold on. I lacked the skill set and understanding that was needed to succeed. Over the course of eight years I gained a wealth of knowledge and leadership skills. I am inspired to help other entrepreneurs grow and lead them on a successful path.

The Business Pursuit provides a platform for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge that will take your business to the next level and help you grow personally. My goal is to provide them with a plethora of information and key skills that will help them become exceptional leaders and maintain a successful business.


Shanon Skipworth

Shanon Skipworth, M.S.,msw (2022)

  • Masters in Human Services

  • Specialize In Start-up Companies

  • Business Coaching

  • Leadership

  • Program Development

  • Marketing

  • Phenomenal Leadership Award

  • Community Hero Award

  • Citation from The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

  • Additional Recognition

  • Featured in the Womenpreneurship Calendar

  • Guest on Various Radio Shows

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